Speaking | Writing

Ryan has had a 20-year career in religious nonprofit and higher education. He writes on the topic of faith and religion in America. He is a master facilitator who uses storytelling and humor. 


Selected Writings

A Guide to Service for Young Adults, Student.Church Handbook, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2020
Disaster Response Spiritual Care Manual, Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2020.
Mission Life: Year-long Study After Mission Endeavors, Heartland Cooperative Baptist Fellowship, 2019.

Amateur: Screenplay. Drawing Picture Productions, 2018

Pivot: Turning Teams toward God’s Mission Near and Far, Curriculum Lead Curator, 2016. Maximizing Your Mission Engagement: A Resource for Church Mission Discernment, 

Witnessing Transformational Community Curriculum Lead Curator, 2016.

Missions theme: Bearing Witness to Jesus Christ, 2016. 

Jars of Clay, 19 Years Later, article, CBF BLOG 

“Will E-Learning Destroy Theological Education in Asia?” A paper at the international gathering of the Asia Baptist Graduate Seminary, June 2012. 

Twilight Breaking: Baptist Theological Education in an Era of Global Christianity, Baptist History and Heritage Society, Fall 2009. 

Pastoral Care with Teens and Young Adults, an Asian Perspective, Editor, Church Strengthening Ministries Publishers, 2012.